Persist and persevere or peter out and piss off?

This week normal service has been resumed to a certain extent (I've published on time for a start) and I've been in a massive rat about a few things. But before I get to that, check this out.

Let's just have a look at the first version of this week's post:

Actually, do you know what? Fuck this shit. Nobody read the previous two posts and I really don't have the time. But I reckon this is a cool domain, so if anybody wants to buy it, drop me a line (link on the about page).

Now, the sad thing is, nobody will see this either, so I won't get any feedback. Mind you, imagine if it was one of the bullshit needy posts that seem to get written all the time. You know, like when some twat someone gets upset in an online forum of some sort and they loudly announce their intention to leave in the hope that everyone will beg them to stay, saying the place won't be the same without their scintillating wit, etc. And of course a few saps oblige, a few others tell them to bugger off and the rest just keep quiet (the most sensible course of action).

Or if I was one of those skinny twats with a big beard, a lumberjack shirt and loads of tattoos that think everyone is interested in what they have to say. Like an angst-ridden teenager. Oh shit, hang on, maybe I am. Oh no, it's okay, I'm nothing like that. Well, I'm fat for a start. Also, as I mentioned before, I'm only writing these posts to prevent myself from having a nosebleed or something.

For now, though, I'm determined not to let these posts peter out. <tangent>I've always thought that's a funny expression. When I was a kid we had a driving game on the BBC Micro called Revs. One of the characters was called Peter Out and I didn't know what it meant. Actually most of the drivers had brilliant names. Check them out on Wikipedia. I spent many a happy hour playing this game with my brothers when I was a kid (taking it in turns, we couldn't play simultaneously as it was all done with the keyboard). It might look shit, but it was superb, probably because it was written by the legendary Geoff Crammond.</tangent>

But let's not get all nostalgic and happy when there are trifles to get upset about. For example, before I had kids I was in reasonably good shape and I was quite strong. Now I am flabby and weak. It's really quite horrendous (as my wife says when I start getting undressed). But these days it's much easier to be a fat knacker than not. Junk food is cheaper than decent food. Beer is cheaper than water (well, maybe not, but fizzy pop probably is). Chocolate is always much cheaper (per unit mass, but sometimes per bar) if you buy a fuck off massive slab than if you buy a sensibly sized bar. I don't think a sugar tax is the answer though, just stop making sensible food so fucking expensive - so a non-sugar non-tax perhaps. I firmly believe that most people will eat whatever comes most easily to hand. e.g. before I lived with a woman, I didn't have chocolate in the house and I never ate it. Now the places is rammed to the gunwales with the bloody stuff and I do the chocolate equivalent of being an R-Whites Secret Lemonade Drinker most nights. By the way, click on that link and watch the old advert from 1973; it's superb.

Another things kids do, other than make you become morbidly obese so that you feel like your head is going to explode every time you put on your shoes, is not let you get any sleep. If you haven't got kids yet and people tell you that having kids makes you go wrinkly and grey, don't make the mistake I did and imagine that this is caused by worry. It's not. It's caused by genetic damage which is caused by never getting any fucking sleep. Apparently it's all worth it, though. Unless that's a big secret lie propagated by everyone with kids. You know, shhh, let's not tell them how shit it is. They'll find out, soon enough, like we did. And it'll be too late. That sort of thing. Who knows? I'll leave you to decide.

Speaking of being fat (as I did briefly), fatness is usually accompanied by laziness. And there are lots of annoying things about laziness, too. I might write a bit more about both next week. If I can be arsed.